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Procurement extends beyond regulatory compliance; it involves strategic planning to achieve value for money, cost certainty and efficiency.

Every year, the Irish Government engages in the procurement of works, services and goods, adhering to national regulations and EU Procurement Law. This legal framework mandates public buyers to uphold principles such as non-discrimination, equal treatment, transparency and proportionality in the planning, compilation, and evaluation of tenders. National rules, including the Capital Works Management Framework and the Public Spending Code, govern the procurement of works and work-related services.

For public authorities, procurement is a potent instrument for spending public funds efficiently, sustainably and strategically. The government, aligning with recent policies and strategies on Green Public Procurement (GPP), is dedicated to leveraging its purchasing power to drive innovation that reduces emissions, and safeguards the environment throughout the lifecycle of works, services, and goods.

ANA possesses the knowledge, skills and experience to assist public authorities in complying with these laws. We specialise in designing procurement processes that not only meet legal requirements but also align with crucial policies and strategies, ensuring effective implementation of these initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of Public Procurement in construction projects?

Public Procurement is crucial in construction projects as it involves the acquisition of goods, services, or works by government bodies. It ensures transparency, fair competition, and efficient spending of public funds, influencing project outcomes and fostering accountability.

How does EU Procurement Law impact Public Procurement in Ireland?

EU Procurement Law governs Public Procurement in Ireland, setting rules for non-discrimination, equal treatment, transparency, and proportionality in tender processes. Understanding and adhering to these regulations is essential for public authorities and contractors participating in procurement.

What role does ANA play in helping public authorities comply with procurement laws and policies?

ANA specialises in assisting public authorities in complying with procurement laws, offering knowledge, skills, and experience to design procurement processes that align with legal requirements. We ensure that public authorities meet their obligations while implementing critical policies and strategies, such as Green Public Procurement (GPP).

How does procurement contribute to achieving value for money in public projects?

Procurement is a strategic tool to achieve value for money in public projects by promoting fair competition, cost efficiency, and optimal allocation of resources. ANA works with public authorities to design procurement processes that prioritise value for money while meeting legal and policy requirements.

Can you explain the importance of the Capital Works Management Framework and the Public Spending Code in Public Procurement?

The Capital Works Management Framework and the Public Spending Code are national rules governing the procurement of works and related services. They provide guidance on planning and managing public spending, ensuring consistency and accountability in the procurement process.

What benefits can public authorities gain from efficient and strategic procurement practices?

Efficient and strategic procurement practices enable public authorities to optimise the use of public funds, enhance project delivery, and contribute to sustainable development. ANA assists in designing procurement processes that align with these goals, ensuring effective and accountable spending.

How does ANA stay informed about changes and updates in public procurement laws and policies?

ANA is committed to staying abreast of changes in public procurement laws and policies. We actively engage in ongoing professional development, industry updates and continuous training to ensure our team remains well-informed, and capable of navigating evolving procurement landscapes.



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