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Cost Management

Cost management

Cost Management

ANA provide a full range of cost management services to both the public and private sectors of the construction industry. We are proactive in our management of costs from inception to completion, helping our clients to deliver successful projects efficiently and cost effectively.

At ANA we tailor our services to answer our clients’ specific needs, we set targets, ensure value for money and we provide detailed, ongoing cost reports to help reduce exposure to cost uncertainty and overruns.

With experience in both the consulting and contracting aspects of the industry, ANA have the expertise to work in partnership with our clients, building long term relationships through our professional, balanced and flexible approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of cost management in construction projects?

Cost management plays a pivotal role in construction projects by ensuring effective planning, control and optimisation of financial resources. It helps in achieving the project's objectives within the defined budget, while maintaining quality and delivering value for money.

What are the stages of cost management on a construction project?

Quantity surveying services in a construction project involve several key stages:

1. Pre-Contract Stage:

  • Conduct feasibility studies.
  • Estimate costs and develop a preliminary budget.
  • Explore value engineering opportunities.

2. Tendering Stage:

  • Prepare comprehensive tender documents.
  • Analyse and evaluate contractor bids.

3. Contract Documentation:

  • Finalise contract documents based on accepted tenders.
  • Administer contracts to ensure compliance.

4. Cost Control:

  • Monitor project costs against the budget.
  • Manage changes and document cost implications.

5. Payment Valuations:

  • Assess and certify the value of completed work for payments.
  • Prepare the final account at project completion.

6. Risk Management:

  • Identify potential risks impacting costs and schedules.
  • Develop strategies to mitigate and manage risks.

7. Life-Cycle Costing:

  • Conduct whole-life cost analysis, considering construction, maintenance, and operational costs.

8. Post-Contract Stage:

  • Finalise project aspects, including financial closeout and handover.
  • Evaluate project performance against cost and quality objectives.

These stages ensure quantity surveyors contribute to effective cost management, contract administration, and risk mitigation throughout the construction project lifecycle.

How does ANA integrate cost considerations throughout the design stages?

ANA takes a proactive approach, embedding cost considerations from project inception to completion. Our commitment involves engaging with stakeholders and challenging design teams to prioritise cost as a key component in shaping the optimal design solutions.

What sets ANA apart in terms of cost control?

ANA emphasises proactive cost control. This approach ensures that we actively manage and influence costs throughout the project, rather than merely reporting on them after the fact.

Can you elaborate on ANA's multi-disciplinary experience in cost management?

ANA's multi-disciplinary experience gives us a unique advantage. We bring a comprehensive understanding of various aspects related to cost management, coupled with expertise in procurement and construction law. This holistic approach enhances our ability to provide a well-rounded and effective cost management service.

How does ANA ensure value for money for its clients?

ANA is dedicated to achieving value for money for our clients. Through proactive cost management, stakeholder engagement, and challenging design teams, we strive to optimise costs while maintaining project quality and objectives, ultimately delivering maximum value for our clients.

What role does cost management play in mitigating risks in construction projects?

Cost management is instrumental in identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks in construction projects. By closely monitoring costs and implementing proactive measures, ANA helps clients navigate potential financial challenges, ensuring projects stay on track and within budget.

How does ANA stay informed about the latest developments in cost management practices?

ANA is committed to staying at the forefront of industry best practices. We actively participate in professional development, industry conferences, and continuous training, to ensure our team is well-informed about the latest trends and advancements in cost management.



ANA have the expertise to design and tailor procurement processes that ensure value for money while adhering to regulatory compliance.

ANA are proud to offer our clients independent, expert advice to help them improve efficiency, negate risk, and achieve the best value for money.

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